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"Cold Calling worked with us on several projects, all of which earned a profit for the company. Our directory was most successful with 200% (or 2-3 times more) profitable, higher sales than in the previous year when we outsourced the work to a call center….in addition to Cold Calling bringing us $20000 in revenue, Cold Calling was resourceful in bringing in a team of telemarketing staff to accomplish the project in a timely, efficient manner. We worked together on streamlining a process that would yield the best return and it worked! The Cold Calling team was more successful than we expected."

"I've only recently finished the trial program/campaign with Cold Calling and the results blew me away…phenomenal job! We received a 25% lead…Cold Calling provides an efficient, much-needed service to the business community. I would recommend Cold Callings insight to develop a results-oriented program to anyone."

"The lists we provided Cold Calling have been dealt with and used ethically, professionally and in a secure and confidential manner…Cold Calling as a business is ethical, forthright, honest, fair and stick to their word."

"The Cold Calling team dramatically increased revenues in our directory. The ad sales exceeded our targets and the binding was bursting at the seams…it was our largest directory published to date."

"We couldn't believe the immediate success from the trial and the program offered to manage our calendar for us is more than we expected from our initial requirement of setting appointments. Now we are able to manage new business and development, while still having a full day of appointments booked- even handling cancellation. Thanks for your "big thinking" and proposing a solution to our problem, not just lead generating component. Our lives are better AND we're making money."

- Photographer

"She has positioned our unique product to a niche market locally and perhaps globally, thanks for all the appointments- and the long-term commitment to the work."

- Marketing Business

"Cold Calling has worked with us over the past few years to find needles of leads in a haystack of variable sources. They searched the internet, read industry magazines and telephoned through lists of various sources to find potential business for us. Our market is very niche and our target is primarily the US…they handled everything for us… building a database and re-contracting prospects until they become leads."

- Manufacturing Company

"Cold Calling has provided us with appointments for several of our sales reps over the past several years. Cold Calling is flexible in the volume of leads that can be generated and allows us to use their services on and off as needed. We receive 12-14 appointments per week and it allowed us to hire another salesperson since the first one was established with a good customer prospect base from initial work we did with Cold Calling. It is a professional, reliable service that I would recommend to anyone."

- Printing Company

"...Consistent, timely delivery of 12-15 leads per week, delivering a frequent flow of leads that we could follow up on."

- Communications Company

"Cold Calling has opened up more doors than I ever would have thought of approaching or knocking on. I have received highly qualified prospects through cc\'s maintenance of a database of potential customers that are contacted in a timely manner… Cold Callings knowledge and insight of the business community and experience with many industries is a valuable asset."

- Benefit Planner

"I reluctantly agreed to do a campaign with your company because my partner wouldn't shut up about it. Well, I was proved wrong. Your service works and it works well! You helped us with our script and with that it was a very successful campaign for us that I want to repeat in the fall. My only complaint about your service is that I didn't do it sooner. Thank you! Dean."

- Computer Support